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30 April 1975. Although, it really wasn't a surrender, it was a capture; When South Vietnamese General Minh told the NVA commander, "...I wish to surrender my forces to you." The NVA commander, who's tank had just crashed thru the palace's gate, said back, " have no forces left to surrender!"

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Q: When did South Vietnam surrender to North Vietnam?
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How did the South Vietnam's surrender to North Vietnam develop the Vietnam War?

South Vietnam's surrender to North Vietnam is what ended the Vietnam War. The North Vietnamese had the goal of Vietnamese Unification and the surrender of South Vietnam in 1975 allowed them to achieve that objective.

What city did north Vietnam capture that caused south Vietnam to surrender?


Did In 1974 North Vietnam surrender to South Vietnam?

1975 and reverse the statement.

What year did South Vietnam surrender to North Vietnam?

April 30th 1975 ; Saigon fell to the communists .

Why did the South Vietnam surrender to the North Vietnamese?

They were overrun by the North Vietnamese after the US ground forces withdrew.

What city did north Vietnam enter to get south Vietnam to surrender?

The fall of Saigon occurred on April 30, 1975.

What city did the North Vietnamese capture that caused South Vietnam to surrender?

The capital, Saigon.

Where did the Vietnam War end?

At the South Vietnam Presidential Palace compound in Saigon on April 30, 1975 when North Vietnamese communist forces accepted the surrender of South Vietnam.

What were the terms of the surrender of south Vietnam?

No terms. Unconditional surrender.

When did north Vietnam defeat the regime of south Vietnam?

NVA tanks crashed thru their gates and accepted their surrender on 30 April 1975.

Why did north Vietnam fight with south Vietnam?

Which Vietnam is good North or South

Why did south Vietnam surrender the Vietnam war?

The NVA were determined to win. The South was over powered.

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