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During the World War II period, the countries that most evidently threatened world peace were Germany and Japan. It was these two countries, in fact, that initiated the war by making unannounced attacks upon neutral countries and otherwise aggressively advancing their expansion to the detriment of their neighbors.

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Q: Which countries threatened world peace
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Who was the leader of a fascist government that threatened world peace following world war 1?

Adolf Hitler

What is a peace activist?

A peace activist is a person or group that activates peace for countries all over the world. In World War 2 and in the Korean War the Presidents had a Peace activist to speak with the countries to see what the United States needed to do in order to restore Peace in the world.

What aggressive actions by European and Asian nations threatened world peace between 1930 and 1937?

The Japanese invasion of Manchuria in 1931The invasion of Abbysinia by Italy in 1935The re-militarisation of the Rhineland by Germany in 1936All these were aggressive actions, but whether they threatened world peace is debatable.

Which dictator threatened world peace the most?

I would't say one particular dictator but probably the puppet dictators inserted by the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. during the cold war both countries caused a lot of civil wars.

How did competition lead to world war 1?

All of the countries felt threatened by each other.

Which countries was not created in the peace agreement after World War 1?


Which countries were created in the peace agreement after World War 1?

Turkey and Poland.

Place in morocco where German gunboat threatened peace?


Why is it important for countries to settle their differences?

Why would it be good to have countries feuding? It's better for everyone if the world is at peace and there are no wars.

Which two countries were created in the peace agreement after World War 1?

Turkey and Poland.

What is turkey's slogan?

Countries have mottos, not slogans.Turkey's is "Yurtta Barış, Dünyada Barış" which in Turkish means "Peace at home, peace in the world", the word "barış" meaning "peace".

What was the point of the world war?

The point of world war in the case of WW2 was to stop aggression and occupation of countries.