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Democracy (aka the Free World) and Communism combined to defeat Fascism in World War 2. It was only natural that these two ideologies should become adversaries after the war. The USA and USSR emerged as the two most powerful countries on the winning side, so they became the global superpowers for the next four decades. * The rivalry between the USA and USSR is long and complicated, and they became superpowers as a result, with Great Britain and France remaining as world powers for Democracy, and the People's Republic of China emerging as a world power for Communism. * In the postwar years, a country could not be a world power without a nuclear arsenal, which is why the five countries named above became the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. Today, many other countries have nuclear weaponry, but they are not world powers, let alone superpowers.

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1. Soviet Union 2. United States of America

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Q: Which countries were considered superpowers after world war 2?
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What tactics were used by the superpowers during the Cold War to influence Third World nations?

The union with allied countries.

How did the world responded to the issues of War and Peace after the cold war?

The superpowers controlled the world. If lesser nations disrupted world peace, the superpowers intervened.

What countries became superpowers at the close of World War 2?

The United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Which nations were superpowers after world war 2?

The United States and the Soviet Union were the Superpowers after World War 2.

At the end of World War 2 there was only one superpower Who was it?

Funfact: The end of World War II saw the rise of TWO superpowers: The US and the Soviet Union. That's why the forty years of glaring at each other and spying is considered a Cold War instead of two countries not liking each other.

What two countries were viewed as superpowers after world war 2 and what was their relationship?

USA and Russia were viewed by many as 'super powers'. Their relationship was antagonistic.

Who emerged a superpowers at the end of world war 2?

After WWII Both the united states and russia became superpowers.

After World War 2 the US and Soviet Union emerged as the world's two what?

They emerged as the two superpowers. They both were very strong and showed their strength in World War 2. The power of these two superpowers led to the Cold War.

What superpowers were allies in World War 2?

U.S, & Russia.

Who were the two superpowers to come out of World War 2?


Era of high tension between the world's superpowers?

Cold War :)

Who were the two superpowers left after world war 2?