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Q: Which reformer promoted free public education?
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After 1877which economic changes were encouraged in the new south?

Industrial development and agricultural diversification

Describe Frederick Douglass?

he was an American social reformer, writer, lecturer, statesmen, and he helped free the blacks. he also was very intelligent and a good leader.

What was the first American public high school founded in the new nation after the Civil War?

Boston, MA(see link)The first free public school was established by Benjamin Syms in the city of Hampton, VA on February 12, 1634. One of the most notable events during our colonial period was the creation of the concept of a free public education. This theory became reality in 1634 with an endowment from the will of Benjamin Syms. The bequest consisted of 200 acres of land and eight cows that were to be used for "a free school to educate and teach the children of the adjoining parishes of Elizabeth City and Poquoson from Marie's Mount downward to the Poquoson River." Twenty-five years later, Dr. Thomas Eaton bestowed five hundred acres of land and other sundry items for a school. He stipulated that this school was to be used to educate the poor children of the county. A trust fund established from the sale of land has never been disturbed and is used for the upkeep of the school which is now a part of the Hampton Public School System

Is it illegal to say Hail Hitler Sieg Heil in England?

No, why would it be? It's a free country...

What where 5 logical reasons to enter a war?

1. to represent your country 2. to get a free collage education 3. for a job 4. if you don't know your purpose 5. to make yourself tougher

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What did nineteenth century reformer horace mann advocate?

Horace Mann, a nineteenth-century reformer, advocated for public education reform. He believed in the importance of providing free, quality education for all children, regardless of their social or economic background. Mann's efforts laid the foundation for the development of the public school system in the United States.

Who was an important education reformer who believed that schools should be free for all children?

Horace Mann, a member of the House of Representatives, and the Secretary of the Massachusetts Board of Education proposed free public education. Rather than merely for the sake of knowledge, Mann believed a public education would turn rebellious children into good, solid Republican citizens.

Why are many schools are named after Horace Mann?

Many schools are named after Horace Mann because he was a prominent education reformer in the 19th century. Mann played a key role in developing the American public education system and advocating for free, universal education. His influence and impact on education policy led to many schools being named in his honor.

Is public education free in Spain?


Is school free in France?

France has free public education.

Is Jamaican education free?

Public school is free. Private schools are not.

Which of these people was an important education reformer who believed that school should be free for all children?

well i dont know about who went for elementary school but i know that horace mann led a movement which saught to establish free, state financed, public schools, that students of all social classes could is the great equalizer...

Is there free public education in Mexico?

Yes, in Mexico, there is free public education provided by the government at all levels, including primary, secondary, and high school. This public education is accessible to all Mexican citizens and legal residents.

Is education free for Indians?

Well in india education is free,but if you mean education in the u.s for indians "its the same as for every one,public school is free and private does cost money

How did humanism change the way people thought about their religions?

Humanism really promoted education and the free exchange of ideas

What if we didn't have free public education?

we woud be stupid >:D

Did Lincoln believe in free public education?

Lincoln did not believe that funding public schools was the responsibilty of the state.