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Q: Who caused suffering for German people and 750000 died from hunger during World War 1?
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During the global depression war debts caused suffering in?


During the global depression war debts caused great suffering in?


What female German artist work depicted the suffering of women and children during World War 1?


What did Siddartha learn during enlightenment?

Mainly, Suffering The way suffering begins End suffering The way to end suffering

What war did Herbert Hoover fight in?

Hoover did have any military experience. He did direct relief efforts during WW I and did very much to alleviate suffering caused by that war.

Why are your feet and ankles swollen after a miscarriage?

Swollen feet and ankles after suffering through a miscarriage are caused by hormones. These same hormones that are occurring during the pregnancy contribute to water retention.

What is the machine gunners about?

The story is set during the Second world war and deals with a group of children living in the North East of England in a town called Garmouth regularly suffering from bomb attacks by the German forces. One of the children raids a German aircraft that crashed in the area and takes a fully operational machine gun, intending to set up their own fortress. They fire the gun at a German plane, missing it but forcing it to crash-land; the gang befriend the pilot, not knowing that they had caused him to crash. I hope that is what you were talking about.

During the winter of 1942-1943 Russian troops stopped the Germans at where?

German troops were totaly destroyed by the Russians at Stalingrad which eventually caused Germanys fall.

Which caused a lot of political and economic unrest in Germany during the 1920s?

The struggle of the German people to make reparation payments for war damages inflicted on the Allies.

What is a sentence for suffering?

She suffered during the Civil War with all of the death that was going on.

How do you use the word reperations in a sentence?

The German government was made to pay reparations for damages caused the small country during the war. Reparations are, in general, payment or compensation for wrongdoing.

How did Jews in Germany thrive financially during the Great Depression?

The supposition underlying this question, namely that Jews were successful during the Great Depression, is untrue. The Jews did no better or worse during the Great Depression than did the average German. Hitler, and the Nazis in general, capitalized on the German people's ignorance of their own neighbors' suffering. The sad thing is that Nazi propaganda and Anti-Semitic propaganda is so strong that people continue to believe that the Jews were better off during this period when they were not.