Who don't like corridos?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no one..come on everyone yes everyone loves them

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Q: Who don't like corridos?
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What is the definition of corridos?

Corridos are songs that teach a lesson.

When was Corridos de Muerte created?

Corridos de Muerte was created in 2002.

Why were Corridos written?

These days some corridos are written for the people that are respected and to show what are they capable of doing to dose who mess with them

What radio station can you find Corridos Alterados on?

You can find them on Regional Mexicano radio stations. They can play Corridos Alterados sometimes.

When was Corridos Al Estilo De Los Caminantes created?

Corridos Al Estilo De Los Caminantes was created in 1984.

Who is el komander?

He sings corridos (drug ballads)...he is unique because he write his "corridos" and sings them...he is from culiacan,sinaloa and his name is alfredo rios

How can one learn to write in corridos?

Corrido is a form of poetry or song that is usually about social topics like oppression and poverty. ArtsEdge offers an example of how a teacher can conduct a class about creating corridos. Reading this resource will prove useful in understanding how they work.

Are Del Records and Twiins Culiacan competitions?

Del Records and Twiins Culiacan are both from Sinaloa, Mexico. Just like Nueva Era Music. All those 3 music productions play narco corridos! ARRIBA MEXICO! ARRIBA LOS NARCO CORRIDOS! FIERRO PARIENTE! LOL!

What kind of music does gerardo ortiz sing?

narco corridos

What actors and actresses appeared in Viva Mexico y sus corridos - 1982?

The cast of Viva Mexico y sus corridos - 1982 includes: Antonio Aguilar Elsa Aguirre Blanca Guerra Flor Silvestre

Who invented the Mexican ballads - corridos?

Corridos were composed by "campesinos" who could not read or write. This was their way of telling a story or recounting events so that they would not be forgotten. What a wonderful way to recount history, love stories and tragedies.

What did Mexican immigrants do for fun in the 1800s?

shoot rabbits, and sing corridos around a fire