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Virginia was named in honor of Queen Elizabeth I. West Virginia seceded from Virginia when Virginia seceded from the Union. West Virginia is not named after anyone, per se.

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West Virginia is named after England's Queen Elizabeth I, the "Virgin Queen"

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Q: Who is West Virginia named after?
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Why was wv named wv?

West Virginia got its name because it succeeded from Virginia and is west of Virginia hence West Virginia.

West Virginia was named after?

Virginia which was named for Queen Elizabeth I known as the Virgin Queen.

What US state has a capital named Richmond?

Virginia or West Virginia

How far is appalacia West Virginia from Pittsburgh pa?

There's an Appalachia in Virginia that is about 400 miles southwest of Pittsburgh. West Virginia is in Appalachia, but there is no town named Appalachia in West Virginia.

Who was Wood County West Virginia named after?

Governor James Wood of Virginia.

How did Institute West Virginia get its name?

it was almost named kanawha but the president thought of a better name west Virginia

What state as a town named 6?

West Virginia

Who was Dawes West Virginia named after?

It was named after me Juergen Dawes Originally from Jamaica

Is there anything in West Virginia that begins with the letter x?

Xanthia Way is the name of a street in Weirton, West Virginia. In New Cumberland, West Virginia, there is a street named Xavier Lane.

What celebrity was born in West Virginia?

While others can be named Don Knotts as Barney seems to exemplify West Virginia best.

Where do you find looneyvilles?

There are towns named Looneyville in Texas and in West Virginia.

What city in West Virginia is named after a catholic saint?

St Albans