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Helmuth von Moltke the Elder. No plan of operations extends with any certainty beyond the first contact with the main hostile force.

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Q: Who is quoted as saying The best battle plan only lasts as far as the first engagement?
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When did the first aerial battle over Britain started?

The first aerial battle over Britain started on July 4, 1940. It was fought over the Channel Islands and Southern England and was the first engagement of the Battle of Britain.

Who first said Carpe Diem?

The ancient Roman orator, Cato, is quoted as saying Carpe Diem.

What were the causes of the battle of Gonzales?

It was the first armed engagement of the Texas Rebellion against Mexico.

The first battle of the American Revolution was at?

The first battle begin in central Massachusetts at Lexington and continued down the route to Concord.

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Was their anything unique about the Battle of Midway?

The Battle of Midway was the first time two opposing naval forces fought each other without a surface engagement ; the battle being carried out by airplanes .

What Texas Revolution Battle is called the first major engagement of the Texas Revolution?

The Battle of Concepcion which involved 275 Mexican soldiers against 90 of Bowie's volunteers.

What engagement was Company B First Battalion of the Sixth Marine Division engaged in on 20 June 1945?

The battle of Okinawa.

What were the First naval battle warships?

The very first modern (steel) battleship to battleship "fleet" engagement was the "Battle of Port Arthur" in which Russian battleships exchanged gunfire with Japanese battleships on 09 February 1904.

Who was involved in the Naval battle?

The "Battle of the Coral Sea" was history's first sea battle between aircraft carriers (airplanes fighting the whole battle) in 1942. The "Battle of Tsushima" was history's first & only (last) decisive sea engagement fought between modern steel battleship fleets in 1905.

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What is the significance of Battle of Bita Paka?

The Battle of Bita Paka was the first engagement of the first World War involving Australian military forces capturing a radio communications station from German forces occupying New Guinea. The battle additionally resulted in Australia's first casualties in its commitments to the war effort.