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Henrich Himmler was leader of all SS troops. He was captured at the end of the war and committed suicide while in captivity to avoid war crime trials.

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During the Nazi control of Germany, it was Heinrich Himmler.

Military divisions of the SS were operationally under the command of the Wehrmacht's army commanders.

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Q: Who was in charge of the SS army?
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What was Hitler's army called?

storm section Sturm Abteilung (Storm Section) No No No, The Sturmabteilung were his 'bullies' they were is charge of German Street terror etc... anyways back to the point, Hitlers Private army were the Gestapo or SS, hope it helps well I actually agree with the first answer... Hitler's private army is the Sturmabteilung or the SA. They were in charge of the beating and robbing of Jews of Germany. The SS or the Gestapo are the army of Germany, the main army.

What was the Nazi party private army called?

Schutzstaffel (SS)

What does the SS army of Hitlers stand for?

The great majority of German soldiers in World War 2 were members of the regular armed forces, not the SS. The SS (stands for Schutzstaffel) was a special elite army. See related question below.

How did the Russians treat German SS pow's?

The Soviet Army suspected most SS men of having committed atrocities. If they could, SS men tried to get taken prisoner with ordinary regular German soldiers and remove the tattoo.

What is the Difference between the ss and Germany army?

The Waffen-SS was a kind of Nazi elite, separate from the German Army. It also served as a kind of foreign legion, as the regular army did not accept foreigners. The SS was also responsible for running the concentration camps and extermination camps. I don't think the SS enlisted foreigners until the last year of the war. The SS were selected for their pure German lineage. Most if not all were members of the Nazi political party They were used to maintain the Nazi rule and acted as security forces. The secret police were a branch of the SS. The Waffen-SS were organized as a combat force during the war and were part of the SS. The Army were regular civilian soldiers who enlisted. They did not have to be members of the Nazi party nor hold to their beliefs of the pure race. They were ordinary soldiers who fought for their country. ____ The SS was a Nazi party political force in a way that the German Army was not. As for the recuitment of foreigners, that started with the establishment of the 'Viking' division in 1940. It was made up of 'Nordic' volunteers from the Netherlands, Norway and Denmark and was commanded by Felix Steiner. Later, in 1943, the 'racial' requirements were largely dropped, and the SS set up Ukrainian, Latvian and other divisions and even a Bosniak Muslim division. Please see link for more detail.

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Who was in charge of Jews at camps?

The camps were all run by the SS from 1934 onwards, and the SS was in charge.

Who in charge ss Adolph Hitler?

Hitler was in overall command of the SS but Himmler was directly in control of the SS .

What is ss in army branch?

staff specialist

Who did the soviet army fought during the holocaust?

The Waffen SS and the German army

Who was in charge at Dachau?

Dachau was run by the SS.

What was the title given to Heinrich Himmler by the ss?

Heinrich Himmler was the "Reichsführer" (basically "National Leader") of the SS from 1929 to 1945.The Schutzstaffel ("Protection Staff"), or SS for short, was originally Adolf Hitler's bodyguard staff in the Nazi Party. After Hitler took power in 1933, the SS became the agency in charge of all internal security forces- spy agencies, police, border guards, and so on. As part of this, the SS was in charge of operating the concentration camps and the Einsatzgruppen("Task Forces") death squads, meaning the SS was the primary agency that carried out the Holocaust.Lastly, the SS also had their own elite army called the Waffen-SS ("Armed-SS"), which fought alongside but separate from the regular German military.

Did the Germans in charge of the Concentration camps wear suits?

No, they were members of the SS and wore SS uniforms.

What were the parts of Hitler's army?

The German Army Luftwaffe SS Germany naval force

What were the SS men in charge of?

The Schutzstaffel (SS for short) was in charge of protecting Hitler and played the key role in carrying out the Holocaust. Please see the related question.

In the German Army what was the Wachtruppe?

It was an SS guard division.

Was Hanna Reitsch a commissioned officer of the SS or the Luftwaffe?

She held the possibly honorary rank of FlugKapitan ( Flight Captain) which was/is a Merchant , not an Air Force rank title. AF ( and Army) captain is Hauptmann, lit, Head man- or officer in charge. I do not know about her involvement with the SS.

What is the ss gestapo?

the Gestapo was the party police force and the SS were the party para-military (army) force.