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RSL believed that because the previous generation had fought in war so then the current generation had responsibilities to fight in it to. the actions taken by they for others to notice that they supported the war was when they had decided to support the government.

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Just my thoughts,not a true answer,on paper and set in stone anyway.

Vets support the men fighting wars,mainly in Vietnam if the were forced(drafted)....same as Iraq...if a soldier was what i like to call a "A$@ backwards draft".....stop-lossed,it is not the war they support for many,it's the men they fought beside,even if soldiers were not as i say"forced",does not matter to me or most still support the men and now woman.

***I cannot speak for all,i am sure there are men who believed in what they were fighting for and supported whatever war for that reason,i do not think like that.

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Q: Why did Veterans support the Vietnam war?
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