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He sed it wouldnt be as bad

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So they could join up

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to get in the action or get payed

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Q: Why did some men lie about their age to get into world war 1?
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Who lies more girls or guys?

men Married Men who are unfaithful to their wives.

Do men lie about fear?

not all men lie about their feelings. but if they feel that they are in a tough situation, they will try to seem stronger than they are. this can also apply for women. gender really has no effect on the situation. its just stereotyped that men are devious liars.

Why do boys lie about stuff they say?

I am a male so I believe I can answer this question. Boys/men seem to lie often because of our inner feelings. Men do not like to be straightforward because they believe that you are to good for them, also some men are just compulsive liars.

Why do some men always lie?

Coming from a man, I'm sorry that we do this. We do some things that put us into awkward situations, and to try and avoid embarrassment and/or consequences, we lie :D. Sorry

Do men lie about having a girl friend?

Depends on the man. Some do, some don't, it is unwise, unfair and impossible to generalise.

Why do men always lie to you?

I'm male, and I don't lie to people...

Do men lie more than females?

Well....Yes. Men lie around women because they get more nervous.

Do girls lie more than men?

There is no definitive answer to this question as individuals, regardless of gender, have the capacity to lie. Research shows that both men and women lie, but they may lie for different reasons or in different contexts. It is important to avoid generalizations and focus on addressing dishonest behavior in all individuals.

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Why do boys have to lie to girls so much?

Please know, it's not just men who are liars, this is rather a stereotypical sort of trend going around our nation and I would imagine the world. Both do lie to each other, so I wouldn't EXACTLY blame it on just men. The right question is: Why do people lie so much?