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They disagreed with the stated policy of the federal government.

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Q: Why did southerners want to secede?
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Why did the southerners secede from the northerners state?

South wanted to keep slaves, north didn't want slavery to continue

Some southerners wanted to break away from the us or to?


What did the south threatened to do if the balance was not maintained?

What did the southerners threaten with

How do you use word Secede in a sentence?

Southerners called for the southern states to secede from the US and form their own government.Residents of the region once sought to secede from the territory because of rampant lawlessness.

What did the southerners believe a state could do?

Southerners believed that there was nothing in the US Constitution that prevented a State that had voluntarily joined the United States to secede from it. Based on the Constitution that was correct.

Did California want to secede from the union?

California did not secede; it remained loyal to the union.

What did Lincoln's election ultimately force the Southerners states starting with South Carolina to do?

Secede from the USA, one by one, starting with South Carolina.

Why did the Southern Land Speculators want to secede from the union?

Which event caused the Southern States to secede from the Union

Can CA secede from the union?

No. We don't want to.

What states want to secede from the union?


What did southerners who were for redemption want?

Southerners who were for redemption wanted to return power to the white Democrats

Why did the border states not secede from the Union at the same time as the deep south states?

Because they were not so much into slavery as the deep Southerners were so they did not think it was worth it