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A number of reasons:

- Domino Theory

- Stop spread of communism

- USA thought Ho Chi Minh wanted to spread communism

- Help France

- USA believed Vietnam were taking orders from USSR (Stalin)

- Truman Doctrine

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Part of the cold war; stopping communist expansion.

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Q: Why did the US get involve in the Vietnam?
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How did the us involve there selves in Vietnam?


How did it influence the US decision to involve themselves in the Vietnam war?

When you're drafted, no decision is involved.

Where did the US invade Vietnam?

The US never invaded Vietnam.

What was the US connection to South Vietnam during the Vietnam War?

South Vietnam was considered an ally of the US.

How long did the US remain in Vietnam in the Vietnam War?

US Military personnel were in Vietnam from 1955 thru 1975.

Who is the us Vietnam ambassador?

See: Vietnam

WHERE did the US attack the Vietnam war?


What were the US concerned about the development in Vietnam?

The US was concerned about the development of Communism in Vietnam

Why was the US at war with Vietnam?

We were at war with Vietnam because they disagreed with us about something.

What did US in Vietnam in 1950 lose?

The French were fighting in Vietnam in 1950 not the US.

Which was not a justification for the increase in US involvement in Vietnam?

The fear of being invaded was not a justification for the increase in US involvement in Vietnam. The US withdrew from Vietnam in 1975.

What was the main reason the US helped out south Vietnam fight against north Vietnam in the Vietnam war?

Communism. If North Vietnam hadn't been a communist nation, the US would have stayed out of it. It would have been none of Uncle Sam's business. Nations around the world have always and will always have their own problems, and other than some "National Security" reasons which would usually involve "covert operations" on the part of the US (like Central and South America were heavily used for during the cold war days) the US stays out of them (officially).