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Returning GI's had left one war, and returned home to another one. The military draft (40,000 men a month) had fed the flames of protests and riots, and reached it's apex with the killing of four college students at Kent State University in Ohio on 04 May 1970 (memorialized by Crosby, Stills, and Nash, (and Young) with..."OHIO"). One of the best ways to lose a war, is by fighting one on TWO FRONTS; Fighting one war in Vietnam, and fighting another one on the home front; we had a divided nation. The Communists had used one of the classic rules of war: Divide and Conquer.

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The movement corresponded with the military draft. When the draft got stronger, the protesters got more violent.

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Anti-war movement=Anti-draft movement

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Q: Why did the anti war movement in the US during Vietnam prevent American forces from winning the war?
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Did the US Government commit themselves to winning the Vietnam war?

No, the US was committed to not losing, which was entirely different then winning. It was never an attempt at winning a war, just deny the North a victory and prop up the South.

What general in charge of forces in vietnam was saying that the us was winning the war but nightly broadcasts of the war were continuing to erode American after TET?

USA Gen's Paul Harkins until 1964; Westmoreland from '64-'69; Abrams '69-'73. Tet was in '68. USA=US Army

Why did president Johnson believed that it was important for the US to win in Vietnam?

He feared a communist takeover in Southeast Asia if the United States left Vietnam. He believed in the plausibility of the domino theory; that Communism would continue to spread if allowed to move unchecked throughout the world. His decided that it was less costly to escalate the war and get it over with. Unfortunately, he was wrong. Once the US was deeply into the war, he did not want to lose, knowing that it would weaken US prestige in the world and with the American people to give up without winning anything. He believed in the domino theory.

What is a sentence using the word blockade about the unions plan for winning the war?

Blockade the Southern ports, to prevent the Confederacy importing war material in exchange for cotton.

What president of the US stopped the Vietnam war in 1969?

Richard Nixon.Let's be honest here. U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War ended under Nixon (actually, due to the Congressional pressure, specifically the Case-Church Amendment of 1973), but he hardly stopped the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War ended in 1975 with the final defeat of the South Vietnamese by the North Vietnamese Army forces.

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How did the Tet Offensive impact the American people and thus the military?

it seemed to prove that America was not winning in Vietnam.

What was the single greatest event in American history?

Winning the Vietnam war. Gaining independence from England and becoming a free country.

What is the Vietnam syyndrome?

A "loser's attitude" or a "lack of confidence"; both of which were attributed to not winning the Vietnam War.

What reasons prevented the USA from winning the Vietnam war?


Who was winning in the Vietnam war?

According to US Generals, the US was clearly winning in Vietnam, until Tet arrived; then things got a little chaotic, the war got worse...and worse.

What did the tet offense show?

It seemed to prove that America was not winning in Vietnam.

What movement was most successful in winning approval of its legislative agenda?

environmental movement

When was American Solutions for Winning the Future created?

American Solutions for Winning the Future was created in 2007.

What was a consequence of North Vietnam winning the Vietnam War?

An all volunteer US Armed Forces as a result of draft resistance and protest.

Who was winning the battles in the beginning of the American Revolution?

The British were winning at the beginning.

What was David Halberstam most known for?

David Halberstam was a well known American Pulitzer Prize winning author. He was most known for his early work pertaining to the Vietnam War and then later he would be recognized as a historian.

What did the winning side receive at the end of the Vietnam War?

The North Vietnamese got to do more communism.