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Yes, he had four. Their names were Robert Todd Lincoln, Edward Lincoln, Willie Lincoln, and Tad Lincoln.

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He did, 4 actually. Robert, Willie, Eddie, and Tad.

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Yes, he did. They lived in the White House when he was President and had a pet goat. Tad died while Lincoln was president.

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Q: Did Abraham Lincoln have four sons?
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What were Abraham Lincoln's daughters names?

Abraham Lincoln had no daughters. He had four sons: Robert, Edward, William, and Thomas (Tad).

Did Abraham Lincoln have 5 sons?

No, he had only four sons, one of whom died before his third birthday.

Who was Abraham lincoln's son?

Abraham Lincoln had four sons: Robert Todd Lincoln Edward Baker "Eddie" Lincoln William Wallace "Willie" Lincoln Thomas "Tad" Lincoln

What was Abraham Lincoln's sons name?

Lincoln had four sons: Robert, Edward (Eddie), William (Willie), and Thomas (Tad). Robert was the only son to survive to adulthood.

Was Abraham Lincoln's son adopted?

None of Lincoln's four sons were adopted. Only one lived to adulthood.

How meny kids did Abe have?

Abraham Lincoln had four sons: Robert, Edward, William, and Thomas (Tad).

Who was Abraham Lincoln survived by?

Lincoln was survived by his wife, stepmother, and his two surviving sons, Robert and Tad.

Which of Abraham Lincoln's lived to maturity?

Robert Todd Lincoln, his eldest son, was the only son, of four sons, to live past the age of 18.

Did Abraham Lincoln's sons become famous?


Did the sons of Abraham Lincoln die?

Yes,Three Of His Sons Died.

What are four nouns for Abraham Lincoln?

Four nouns (synonyms) for Abraham Lincoln are:manhusbandfathercitizen

Abraham Lincoln's wife and kids names?

Abraham Lincoln was married to Mary Todd Lincoln. They married in 1842. The Lincolns had four sons: Robert Todd Lincoln, William Wallace Lincoln, Tad Lincoln, and Edward Baker Lincoln. Sadly, Edward and WIlliam both died young: Edward was only four and William was only twelve.