Did indians use smoke signals

Updated: 8/19/2023
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There was no universal language of smoke signals in the way that there was a universal sign language among the Plains tribes. Each tribe might have its own pre-arranged set of signals with specific meanings; since smoke can be seen for many miles and can be read just as easily by enemies as by friends, smoke signals were never used extensively.

After contact with traders, mirrors were used much more effectively for signalling - the reflected flashes of sunlight can be directed in just one direction, preventing enemies from seeing the signals.

Smoke signals were produced over a fire made with dry wood, grass and moss to produce smoke; a buffalo robe or trade blanket then trapped the smoke which was allowed to escape at intervals to produce long or short puffs. Naturally smoke signals only work in daytime and in areas with good visibility; they were not used in the woodlands areas where nobody would see them.

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yes they did before 1400

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Q: Did indians use smoke signals
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How did the emigrants communicate with the Indians?

Indians communicated with emigrants by smoke signals.

Who created smoke signals?

The American Indians created Smoke signals to communicate to other tribes over 750km away

What communication can you use without electronics?

Smoke Signals

When was smoke signals invented?

Smoke signals were used when tribes or groups needed to send a long distant message. No one really knows when Smoke Signals were first used but they do know that around 150 A.D, the Greeks made an alphabet for the smoke signals.

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Smoke Signals was released on 06/26/1998.

Why do Native Americans use smoke signals?

Because they don't have mobile phones

How much money did Smoke Signals gross worldwide?

Smoke Signals grossed $7,756,617 worldwide.

What are smoke signals?

Indians used smoke to communicate from a distance. Also smoke signals are used to signal aircraft landing points, and people in distress, To make a smoke signal: Make a small fire, Addfresh greenery to the fire (leaves), and leave the amount of smoke generated because of the greenery will create enough of a signal to attract the attention of any person with any knowledge about survival skills.

How used smoke signals?

Smoke signals were used to communicate with other people from far away when they were in trouble and needed help. Old Indian tribes would have special signals to communicate to there own tribe that was far away. Because anyone could see the smoke signals, the sender and the receiver of the smoke signals had their own special code.

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Information on smoke signals?

Smoke signals is a long form of long distance communication. These signals were used in Ancient China and by the Native Americans and Yamanas.