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Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman) never married and didn't father any children.

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Yes he did, but you have to look at another question to learn more.

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Q: Did johnny appleseed have any children?
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What did Johnny Appleseed do for living?

Johnny appleseed was either a self-employed leader of a not for profit business which distributes apple seeds and founds orchards, or an unemployed drifter who planted apple trees.

Did Johnny Appleseed break any records?

Yes. the record was eating 2.3 sandwichs

When was a monument erected for John Johnny Appleseed Chapman?

A number of monuments have been erected for Johnny Appleseed. One monument, called the Copus Monument added Johnny Appleseed's name because of the insistence of a women who knew him as a child. The Johnny Appleseed Museum is in Urbana, Ohio. Ask them! I am Anna Louise Rowlands Frye. My grandmother was a Chapman. There were Chapmans in Dexter City, Ohio just North of Marietta. Relatives, over the years have told me I am the great, great, great niece of Johnny Appleseed. Nothing I have ever read about Johnny even mentions Dexter City but there is a beautifull monument of him at that location. I was born in Dexter City.

Is Johnny Appleseed fiction or non fiction?

Non-fiction. John "Johnny Appleseed" Chapman was a pioneer nurseryman and New Church missionary during the late 18th and early 19th century.

Why was john Chapman called Johnny Appleseed?

The only reason John Chapman was known to be called ''Johnny appleseed'', He wanted to be a pioneer and he knew the lord was the only one to tell him to set out to plant appleseeds all over the terrain in the village and across the valley. The name came from the anonymous character..? -Jason Otten