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No. American Indians taught priests and all other colonists how to farm and survive in North America.

I am not sure what you mean by building skills, but different Native Americans already had many ways of building their residences before the colonists arrived.

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Q: Did priests teach farming and building skills to American Indians?
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What did friars teach American Indians?

The priests taught the Indians about christianity.

The nickname the American Indians called the French catholic priests?


How did Catholicism affect Spain rule in the America?

Spain commanded priests to convert American Indians to Christianity

How did Catholicism affect Spain's rule in America?

Spain commanded priests to convert American Indians to Christianity

What did the Spanish missions offer to attract American Indians?

the priests bribed the Indians with guns and other things

What did the Indians teach the priest?

The priests taught the Indians about Christianity.

In addition to teaching them about the catholic religion what did the friars at the Spanish mission teach American Indians?

The Roman Catholic friars and priests also taught American Indians about family. They did not realize that Native Americans had an established and very good familial system.

What kind of Indians lived in mission San Jose?

priests and local Indians

Who lived in San Gabriel mission?

priests and local Indians

What were the jobs of padres and priests at the missions?

they boss indians around

Where do priests live?

Roman Catholicism PriestsRoman Catholic parish priests live in a building called the rectory. This is owned by the church and is often attached to the church building.

Who lived at mission?

Priests, travellers and a few trusted local Indians. Soldiers for the protection of the mission and enforcement of the priests enslavement of the local tribe. The other Indians associated with the mission lived in nearby villages.