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Many South Americans were killed by Spanish I think. If many were killed in North America, alot had to be killed in South America too.

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Q: How many South American Natives were killed by Spanish?
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other South American natives and the regions they inhabited?

The number of South American natives in regions that were inhabited by a certain group of people is deep pendant upon the group of people that is being inquired about. The Spanish inhabited many many South American natives and regions.

Were the Spanish missionaries the first Europeans to change the lifestyles of the natives in south Texas?

Yes, they were

What type of cultures did the Europeans come into contact with during the Age of Exploration?

Native Americans, South American Natives, Natives in the Islands of Caribbean, Natives of the Philippines, Natives of Polynesia, Natives of Hawaii, Natives of New Zealand, Natives of China and Japan.

Why are South American countries catholic?

the same readon south American speak spanish Spain

Was Atahualpa Spanish?

Atahuallpa was not Spanish he was an Inca, so south american.

Which is the biggest south American country where spanish is not spoken?

Most South American countries speak Spanish. Brazil is the largest country in South America and Portuguese is their primary language. Making them the largest non Spanish language group in South America

What south American country does not speak spanish?

Brazil is the South American country that does not speak Spanish. The official language of Brazil is Portuguese.

Describe the effect of the spanish people on south America?

south American people spoke spanish because it was their inheritage

What is the smallest Spanish speaking country in South American?

The smallest Spanish speaking country in South America is Uruguay.

What is Chile culture?

Chile's culture is a mix of European, Spanish, and Native South American cultures.

How was the ican empire conquered?

The Inca Empire was conquered by the Spanish who used guns (which the Inca did not have) and were ruthless. The alo brought European diseases which did not existed in South America and the natives had no immunity for. Scores of natives died of these diseases.

How do you say the South American in spanish?

Translation: el sudamericano