How many people are natives?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There is no such geographic name as Antactica. Natives of Antarctica are not likely to have a large representation since few couples would consider delivering a baby in Antarctica to be a wise choice.

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Q: How many people are natives?
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other South American natives and the regions they inhabited?

The number of South American natives in regions that were inhabited by a certain group of people is deep pendant upon the group of people that is being inquired about. The Spanish inhabited many many South American natives and regions.

What are Spanish and Native American people called?

People from Spain are called Spanish spaeking Natives and people from Natives lands are called Natives, Indians, or there initial tribe name.

What area were the Hebrew people natives of?

They were (and still are) natives of the land of Israel.

Who are baltic natives?

People born in Latvia, Estonai or Lithuania are baltic natives

How many Natives were killed in the battle?

Which natives, what country, what battle

How was the French relationship with the natives different than the Spanish treatment and why was this?

The Spanish came for gold and forced the natives ti work as slaves. The Spanish also killed many native people, either by disease or by shooting them. The French traded with the Natives.

How many natives are there worldwide?

there are 20 million natives worldwide dudes!

Why did the white people want the natives land?

white man belived that natives were no good and they were into vudo

What was the name of the natives Columbus found at Hispaniola?

The natives Columbus encountered in Hispaniola were the TaΓ­no people.

Why were so many natives of this country killed?

Other natives wanted the land!

How many people speak french in noumea?

Everybody speaks french in New-Caledonia. But the accent of the natives is particular.

Do Amazon natives make medicine?

Yes, in fact many of the indigenous people of the Americas, or Ameru, understand medicine.