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The Spanish came for gold and forced the natives ti work as slaves. The Spanish also killed many native people, either by disease or by shooting them. The French traded with the Natives.

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Q: How was the French relationship with the natives different than the Spanish treatment and why was this?
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Did the Portuguese treat natives well when the explored and claimed?

No, the Portuguese enslaved the natives and spread diseases among them. Unfortunately most of the natives under the Portuguese and Spanish Empires died because of poor treatment.

What was Anne Hutchinson's relationship with the natives?

her relationship was bad with the natives they made her do horrible things

How was the Spanish California mission system and its treatment of Indians?

The Spanish Mission system started in 1718 with Mission San Antonio de Valero. Most spanish missions had the aim of converting the natives to christianity.

How did disease help the Spanish conquer natives?

Diseases from Europe that the Spanish were immune to affected and weakened the natives.

What was the french relationship with the natives?

The natives found them very tasty.

How did Spanish soldiers take advantage of the natives?

The Spanish soldiers took advantage of the natives who did not have horses like them.

Why did natives choose to live in a mission?

the spanish attaced the natives americans

What are Spanish and Native American people called?

People from Spain are called Spanish spaeking Natives and people from Natives lands are called Natives, Indians, or there initial tribe name.

How did spanish and English settlers treat natives?

the natives were Inslaved to the Spanish and English

What was the relationship between Connecticut and the natives?

no not at all

Did the Spanish economic programs have positive effects on the lives of the the Filipinos?

Yes. Because of the Spanish we learned how to trade. Our natives was taught how to be civilized. And the Spanish taught our natives on how to lead a country.

Why did the natives of New Mexico revolt against Spanish settlers?

the natives of New Mexico revolt against Spanish settlers because Spanish priests and soldiers burned their sacred objects and prohibited native rituals The Spanish also forced natives to work for them and sometimes abused them physically