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armed resistance.

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Q: In response to white expansion the Shawnee and Creek nations chose paths of?
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What native American groups stood in the way of this expansion?

Cherokee, Creek, Chicasaw, and Seminole Nations

Where is the Sunday Creek Associates in Shawnee Ohio located?

The address of the Sunday Creek Associates is: Po Box 138, Shawnee, OH 43782-0138

What Indian tribe name means southerners?

Shawnee (Spelt correctly)

Which Indian led the Shawnee Indians at Tippecanoe Creek?


What native Americans were found in Tennessee?

The Cherokee, Creek, Chickasaw, and Shawnee.

Where did Harrison defeat the Shawnee?

This event occurred at Tippecanoe Creek in Indiana.

Which group had conflicts with chickasaw and Cherokee in Tennessee?

i think it is either shawnee,creek

What is the phone number of the Sunday Creek Associates in Shawnee Ohio?

The phone number of the Sunday Creek Associates is: 740-394-3225.

Creek where general William Henry Harrison and shawnee Tecumseh fought at in 1812?


Is there a Shawnee middle school?

There is 2 in Shawnee, Kansas. Monticello Trails Middle School (MTMS) and Mill Creek Middle School (MCMS). That is where I go. I am a seventh grader there. Lollypop1121

What are 10 Native Americans tribes?

Paiute, Comanche, Apache, Cherokee, Huron, Delaware, Siox, Kiowa, Crow, Shawnee, Choctaw, Creek, Fox

How did the destination of the Potawatomi Miami Shawnee and Seneca differ from that of the Cherokee Chickasaw Choctaw Creek and Seminole?