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The first success of the continental army occurred at Trenton. This was a desperate win during the battle of Saratoga which ended up being a major victory for the army.

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Q: The first success of the continental army occurred at?
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Why did the continental army win the war?

Soldiers in the Continental Army were citizens who had volunteered to serve Early in the war, the enlistment periods were short, as the Continental commander-in-chief, but these took time to consider and implement. ...but Washington managed nevertheless to secure importantstrategic victories.

What did the Second Continental Congress create in order to defend the colonies?

The Second Continental Congress created the Continental Army.

Name three things that the delegates at the first continental congress decide?

The first Continental Congress agreed to... Encourage colonists to keep boycotting British goods, told colonial militias to prepare for war and they drafted the Declaration of Rights. The second Continental Congress agreed to... Sent word to colonial officials asking for a new state constitutions, authorized the Massachusetts militia to become the Continental Army, and put George Washington as Commander of the army.

What event came first the continental army surprises british troops at Trenton on Christmas or the declaration of independence is adopted or France recognizes America as an independent nation?

the declaration of independence is adopted, the continental army surprises british troops at trenton christmas, france recognizes america as an independent nation

The Second Continental Congress that met in 1775?

The Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia in the spring of 1775. Hostilities between England and the colonies had already broken out--Bunker Hill, Ticonderoga, and Arnold's failed attempt to invade Canada. The Congress acted as the government for the colonies when it became obvious that war would result between England and the colonies. They appointed Washington as commander of the Continental Army and approved the writing of the Declaration of Independence.

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What was the first Continental Army?

the Continental Army's first major victory was at the battle of Saratoga.

When was the first continental army?

The Continental Army was formed on June 14, 1775.

How did the success of the continental army in south contribute to the Americans victory?

The Continental Army contributed to the victory because it gave additional troops that won by unconventional methods in battle

What was the name of the first colonial army?

It's generally referred to as the Colonial Army or the Continental Army.

Progress made by the First Continental Congress?

The first Continental Congress created the Continental army and also wrote the Declaration of Independence. The Continental Congress is also responsible for making George Washington the General of the Army.

What was the name of the colonists' army?

The Continental Army.

What does it mean first continental congress?

The First Congress for the continetal Army

What event occurred in the same year as the beginning year as the French Revolution?

The first meeting of the US House of Representative was held on 1 April. George Washington becomes the first US President on 30 April. The US Army replaces the Continental Army on 29 September.

What was American army led by George Washington called?

George Washington was commander-in-chief of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War against Britain.

Who become the commander of the Continental army in 1775?

George Washington, the first continental congress decided this.

What is the first continental currency?

A stalker that has been in the army and is a hobo

Which US Military force was formed first?

The Continental Army.