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Soldiers in the Continental Army were citizens who had volunteered to serve Early in the war, the enlistment periods were short, as the Continental commander-in-chief, but these took time to consider and implement. ...but Washington managed nevertheless to secure importantstrategic victories.

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The Continental Army won the war due to home field advantage. Other things that contributed to their success was they had the support of the people and the French Navy helped.

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Q: Why did the continental army win the war?
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Did the Continental Army win or did the british army win?

In the American Revolutionary War, the Continental Army won the war, even though they lost several battles.

Did the Continental Army win or the confederate army win in the American revolution?

It was the Continental army that won the American revolutionary war. The Confederate army did not appear until the Civil War, many years later.

How did the colonial government fund the Continental Army for the most part?

By forming Continental Airlines. The funds from this helped us win the war.

What was the Continental Army's war strategies?

the continental Army war strageies were to use gurilla tactics.Akso George wanted to keep his Army together intil the British Army got mad and discouraged. He didn't want to to lose all his soldiers he wanted to stay together and try to win the war!

What is one factor that enabled the continental army to defeat the british army in the revolution?

The Continental Army were fighting for a big cause, their freedom and independence, which motivated them to fight hard and smart to win the war. Hope that helps.

What are the continental army's advantages?

At the time the British were the largest and most powerful army. The continental army was small. However the war was fought on foreign land for the British so it was harder for them and also determination help the US win.

When did the Continental Army end?

The Continental army never ended, but the war (Revolutionary War) did.

What was American army led by George Washington called?

George Washington was commander-in-chief of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War against Britain.

What strategies did the continental army use?

There are many strategies that the continental army used during war. In most cases, they used the guerilla tactics to win wars.

Did George Washington win the Continental Army?


When did the continental army win the battle of cowpens?


How would you use the continental army in a sentence?

I am going with the Continental Army when they march. Most of the Continental Army disbanded when the Treaty of Paris ended the war.