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Q: The most effective opposition to the English laws was the?
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What was the most effective opposition to the English laws on trade and taxes?

it is the sugar act

What was the Whig party was most identified with?

opposition to Jackson's policies/laws

Is English effective in Finland?

Yes, most Finns speak good English

What was one of the most effective suffrage laws ever passed in this country?

Voting Rights Act

How many US states have English-only laws that require them to conduct business in English?

As of today, there are 23 US states that have English-only laws requiring them to conduct business in English. Most of these states adopted this after the Mexican-American war.

Why was excommunication an effective form of punishment for people who disobeyed church laws?

an excommunicated person was denied contact with most of society

What country does many of our ideas about laws come from in the United States?

In the United States the most common source for our laws is English Common Law.

Can you legally throw out a child at 17?

According to most state laws it is unlawful for a parent to throw a child out prior to the age of 18. You should check to ensure that the laws in your area are effective.

What are some of the quickest most effective English as a Second Language Schools?

Some of the most effective English as a Second Language programs are offered in communities through the local school district and at community centers. If needing quicker results, local tutors can usually be found through the same organizations.

What is the title of the person in charge of the oppisition?

The title of the person in charge of the opposition is the leader of the opposition. This is the term that is used in most countries. The opposition serves as a watchdog to the government.

What are the top English laws?

All English laws are as important as each other, so there are no 'top laws' exactly. However laws are introduced through Acts of Parliament , so these can be considered to be the most important sources of law. Some of these acts enable by-laws for local authorities to be enacted and also law can be developed through 'common law' principles. i.e. by judges.

What is the most effective immunogen?

the most effective immunogen is proteins