What food did the creek eat?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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The women would grow the crops. They grew things such as rice, squash, corn, beans, and even made corn bread on certain occasions.

The men would hunt or fish. They fished, well, fish. And hunted wild turkeys, deer, and etc. I also recommend Facts for Kids. They had excellent answers to your questions about Native American Tribes.

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They eat all sorts of vegetables like beans, squash, and fruits too. Their meats are deer, rabbit, monkey whales, seals, and porcupines.

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The Creek Indians ate animals, such as deer, fish, small game, and wild turkey.

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Q: What food did the creek eat?
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What type of food did the creek Indians eat?

Fruit Custard Delite and Kerda

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How did the creek get their food?

They had to hunt their food.

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How did the creek Indians get their food?

they ate lots of food like fish caribou rabbits muskrat. some fish they ate was lake trout, grayling, whitefish, herring they also ate peppers, white and sweet potatoes, corn peanuts, strawberries.

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Creek Indians did not eat alligators but used there skin for protection from sharp saw grass. And for shelter

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What did creek Indians eat?

They ate deer .