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A and B my good A+ dude

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corn and beans

a and b

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Corn : D

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Q: What food did the native American Indians introduce to the colonists?
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What food did the Native American Idians introduce to the colonists?

Buhiin bas maliin mahtai hool> saikhan daa

WHAT The most harmonious relations between English colonists and Native American Indians were found in?


Who fought aside the French in the French and Indian War?

Great Britain and American colonists vs. French who teamed up with the Native American Indians

What increased tension between the colonists and American Indians?

The theft of food by starving English colonists strained the alliances between the English colonists and the Native Americans. The settlers also began to struggle with the Native Americans for control over the land where the colonies were located.

How did the New England colonists treat the Native American?

they saw them as lazy savages and they tried to subdue, convert, and make the indians like them.

How did the American colonists deceive the Native Americans?

the colonists dressed up as Indians so the British didn't know it was them that got rid of all of their tea. They dumped the tea in the Boston harbor

Describe the resistance the colonists encountered by native americans?

From the British point of view, it was only right that American colonists should pay, Indians, western lands, colonial trade, navigation.

Did priests teach farming and building skills to American Indians?

No. American Indians taught priests and all other colonists how to farm and survive in North America. I am not sure what you mean by building skills, but different Native Americans already had many ways of building their residences before the colonists arrived.

What did the colonists introduce to the native Americans?

Buhiin bas maliin mahtai hool> saikhan daa

Who helped the pilgrams in America?


The eastern region of the Virginia colony was finally saved from native American attack after?

The eastern region of the Virginia Colony was finally saved from Native American attack after the building of Pricketts Fort. The first Colonists were in great danger for some time, until they met friendly Native American Indians.

Are the Hopi Indians a native American tribe?

No the hi is not an native american tribe