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Infants and the elderly

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Q: What groups of people are most vulnerable to dehydration?
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Which social and economic group are most vulnerable to poverty in India?

SOCIAL GROUPS: SCs and STs households ECONOMIC GROUPS: rural agricultural labor households and the urban casual households

Background checks for child abuse and neglect?

The purpose of background checks is to investigate a person's suitability. For positions involving working with vulnerable groups, a background check will most certainly focus on issues relating to child abuse. Even if the role is not working with vulnerable groups, child abuse is a very serious crime and will put off most employers.

Who most likely formed the first governments?

small groups of people.

What are the targets of interest groups?

The targets of interest groups are the groups of people that can most support the cause. Wealthy people are the targets of medical interest groups for example.

When are teens most vulnerable to drugs?

Most teens become more vulnerable to drugs when they get into arguments with family member, arguments or break ups with their girlfriend and or boyfriends and when they attend teenage parties with other people who do drugs. there are many other times where they become vulnerable but these are the most common reasons for drug abuse in teens.

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Not necessarily but most people that do create groups do post their groups status update.

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One of the most vulnerable and easily harmed parts of Earth is its coral reefs. These delicate ecosystems are sensitive to changes in temperature, water quality, and human activities, making them highly susceptible to damage and destruction. Once damaged, coral reefs can take years or even decades to recover, if they recover at all.

What individuals are most vulnerable to oral candidiasis?

Oral candidiasis typically occurs in people with abnormal immune systems.

Is the crayfish most vulnerable from the dorsal side or the ventral side?

its most vulnerable from the ventral, because it doesn't have a hard exoskeleton on the bottom.

Who made up most of the work force in a sweatshop?

In sweatshops, the majority of the workforce typically consists of marginalized and vulnerable populations, such as women, children, immigrants, and people living in poverty. These groups are often exploited for cheap labor due to their limited options and lack of workplace protections.

What people groups make up Chile?

Most people are Indians, but there are mixed people too.