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The major religious groups were Protestant Christians, Catholics, and Quakers.

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The Puritans and the Quakers

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Q: What major religious groups settled in the original thirteen colonies?
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The thirteen colonies were settled mainly by?

The original thirteen colonies that eventually made up the United States in its foundling state were mainly settled by English migrants, pilgrims, tradesmen, and adventurers, among other types. While numerous other nationalities were represented in the flow of colonists from the Old World to the North American shores, including an increasing number of unwilling immigrants from Africa, the majority could claim England as their original home.

Most of the American colonies were settled by groups of people who sought religious freedom?


Which of the thirteen colonies were founded profit or trade?

Of the original 13 colonies the southern colonies settled for profit and trade. since the south's cash crop was tobacco they used it to make a large sum of there money and in using tobacco they were able to trade for many goods that they did nit have do to there location.

The last of the thirteen colonies to be founded was?

The thirteen colonies that revolted to form the United States were:New HampshireMassachusettsRhode Island and Plymouth PlantationConnecticutNew YorkNew JerseyPennsylvaniaMarylandDelawareVirginiaNorth CarolinaSouth CarolinaGeorgiaAt the time, Britain had several other colonies in North and South America and the Caribbean in Australia and the far east - not to mention the Indian Empire. France, Spain, the Netherlands, and Belgium also held colonies. Most of these were already inhabited by native peoples and were not heavily settled by the colonizing powersSo asking which were the last 13 to be settled, without being more specific, is an impossible question to answer.

What religious groups settled in the Middle Colonies?

The only one I know for certain is the puritans (pilgrims).

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Who were the thirteen colonies mainly settled by?

The English, German, Swiss and other Europen colonies settled the 13 original colonies.

Which country settled in the thirteen original colonies?

This country was Great Britain.

Who originally settled in the thirteen colonies?

The majority were English fleeing religious persecution.

What was the last of the thirteen colonies to be settled?

The last of the thirteen colonies to be settled was Georgia.

Which of the original thirteen colonies was the last to be settled?

The last colony to be settled was Georgia. It was established in 1732.

What state was not one the original-thirteen colonies Delaware noth Carolina Kentucky Virginia?

Kentucky was not one of the original thirteen colonies that became states. The thirteen colonies were (from north to south) New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. If you look at a map, you can see that every one of the original thirteen states bordered on the Atlantic Ocean, which made them among the first areas to be settled Kentucky is west of the original colonies, not on the ocean, and was settled later.

When were the thirteen colonies settled?

I think in 1777

What was the last of the thirteen colonies be settled?


When did Georgia become apart of the thirteen colonies?

Georgia became a part of the thirteen colonies in 1733 when it was established by James Oglethorpe as a British colony. It was the last of the original thirteen colonies to be settled.

Which was the last of the colony's to be settled?

The last of the thirteen colonies to be settled was Georgia.

When were the original thirteen colonies settled?

During 1607-1732. That's over 100 years apart (exactly 125 yrs.)!

What was the reason the colonies settled?

Most of them settled in the colonies because of religious freedom