What president had a pet turkey named jack?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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The president that had a turkey named jack is Abe Lincoln

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the president that had a pet turkey named Jack is Abraham Lincoln.

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Q: What president had a pet turkey named jack?
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What is Abraham Lincoln's favorite pet?

Abraham Lincoln's favorite animal was a dog which he kept as a pet. The dog was given the name Fido and treasured by Lincoln.I have heard and read that his favorite animal is the turkey and he wanted the turkey to be the national animal.

What kind of dog did Abraham Lincoln have?

Former President Abraham Lincoln had a pet dog named Fido. Fido was a yellow dog that resembled a Labrador retriever, but his ancestry is unknown.

Did Abraham Lincoln have a pet?

Yes, he had cats, goats, dogs, and a turkey. He especially kittens. A friend once said that he would take one [a kitten] & turn it on its back & talk to it for half an hour at a time. Secretary of State William H. Seward presented the Lincoln household with two kittens early in his administration, and the Lincoln's named one of the kittens, "Tabby". Mrs. Lincoln sometimes became exasperated by the President's love for animals, especially when it came to Tabby, who, at times, was allowed a seat at the dinner table. Once "Tabby" was seated next to him at a White House dinner, Mrs. Lincoln asked; "Don't you think it's shameful for Mr. Lincoln to feed Tabby with a gold fork?" Mr. Lincoln provided the answer: "If the gold fork was good enough for former President James Buchanan, I think it is good enough for Tabby." He had many other animals, as well. In the White House, a gift of a couple of Nanny goats, Nanny and Nanko were given to the Lincoln's, to keep the horses company, except, the goats tended to keep company in the White House, more often than they did the horses, out in the stalls. He had a couple of favorite horses, Old Bob, was Lincoln's horse, and another favorite four-legged companion. Then there was the White House Turkey, "Jack". He was sent to the First Family, with the intent of becoming the featured dish for Christmas, and at the insistence of the President's son, Tad, ended up a pet. Lincoln also had 2 dogs, Fido and Jip. Fido was his dog in Springfield, Illinois, and was left behind when he was elected President because he feared Fido would not make the train ride. Fido was very frightened by the sounds trains made. Lincoln's dog in the White House was named, Jip.

Did Abraham Lincoln have four sons?

Yes, he had four. Their names were Robert Todd Lincoln, Edward Lincoln, Willie Lincoln, and Tad Lincoln.

What year were pet banks created in?

1790 was it i suggest. 1790 was it i suggest.

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Which president had a Thanksgiving turkey as a pet?

Abraham Lincoln

What us president had a pet parrot named Washington post?

President Andrew Jackson had a pet parrot named Poll.

What pets did Abraham Lincoln have?

Abraham Lincoln had a pet turkey named jack While in the White House his boys had a pet goat that slept with them. He let his kids have any pets they wanted which included a turkey, ponies and more! One of his favorite pets was koala named Kingsly. Abe Lincoln also considered his children pets.

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