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Foot and horse.

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Aurore Cartwright

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maybe conoes

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Q: What transportation did the southwest Indians used?
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What was pottery made out of desert southwest Indians?

Southwest Indians used the same thing everyone uses to make pottery- clay.

What used transportation did archaic Indians?


How did southwest Indians make their tools?

they used the horns of a buffalo

Where do southwest Indians live in?

Southwest Indians live in southwest desert cultural region.

What did the southwest and west Indians live in?

The southwest indians lived in wigwams

How did the Southwest Indians get around?

The Southwest indians got around by a conue

How did southwest Indians get around?

The Southwest indians got around by a conue

Plains Indians transportation?

The plains indains used horses for transportation, and that's all i know.

What are the weapons southwest Indians use?

they used boomerangs to hunt rabbits

What did the woodland Indians use for transportation?

They used canoes for transportaion.

What did the Comanche Indians used for transportation?

horses and by foot

The American Indians of the southwest would represent a?

The Indians of the Southwest would represent a