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Southwest Indians lived in what is now Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Colorado and the northern part of Mexico. The Southwest Indians were farmers and grew beans, squash, melons, pumpkins and fruit. For meat, they often ate wild turkeys.

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Q: Where did the southwest Indians live?
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Where do southwest Indians live in?

Southwest Indians live in southwest desert cultural region.

What did the southwest and west Indians live in?

The southwest indians lived in wigwams

Where did the southwest coast Indians live?

in southwest usa

What region did the hopi Indians live in?

southwest Arizona

Where do the great plain Indians live?

the southwest

Where do the southwest live?

The Southwest Indians lived in the four corners of the U.S., and Texas.

What region is the Navajo tribe live in?

The Navajo Indians live in the Southwest

What region did the Anasazi Indians live in?

the anasazi live in the southwest coast

What areas did the Creek Indians live?

they lived in the southwest

What did the desert southwest Indians do to live?

they lived in adobes

What kind of weather did the southwest Indians live in?

Probably kakaiakio.

What states do southwest Indians live?

They lived in Arizona and New Mexico.