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Q: When black people tan to they get darker or lighter?
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Can African American people tan?

Oddly enough they can tan, but only briefly. If they stay out in the sun too long they will burn.

Do black people need to wear sunscreen?

are you a complete idiot. just because they dont tan doesnt mean they cant be harmed by the uv rays, they still need to protect their skin. retard.

What is the correct pronunciation of Powhatan?

pow-ha-TAN (the A in TAN is short - say it like you're from Chicago, and you've got it. You can get the audio here:

Why are white people making their lips big and tanning to look like black people?

I don't think anyone is trying to look like another race. Big lips and a creamy smooth tan skin have always been considered attributes of beauty. Some of the most beautiful women on the planet are mixed race and have these things naturally. ummm ok i understand u dunt want 2 admit it but yea it is tryna look black /brown/mixed whatevr but alot of white people try 2 hide from there featurs like skin complex, lips ext. yea i herd this white lady say she tanned evrydai 2 look golden brown so yea dont say its for smoth skin ....thats the truth me myself i have light brown smooth skin n im black so tell me what your trying to be......

What are some physical traits of American people?

Americans don't really have physical trait because they are like "an American melting pot" so there are many nationality mixes but Americans usually have very strait teeth because it is extremely common to have braces as a kid. Native Americans are very tan and have thick black hair but pure native Americans are very hard to find because of the United states history.

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