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We have many reserves in Canada, there are some in every province of this great land, every tribe has their own reserve, for instance : the Algonquins are in Ontario, there are Cree and Chippewa in Manitoba.

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Q: Where are the Native American reserves in Canada?
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Can you gamble quebec Canada?

Yes, however, outside of the native reserves, it is all controlled by the government.

Do native Indians in Canada have their own laws?

Yes they have their own rules & regulations on the reserves, but they still follow the civil codes here in Canada

Are there any Native American tribes in Ireland?

No, by definition Native American is American (Canada, US etc).

How are Indian reservations in the US different than reserves in Canada?

They are different because we do not have reserves for "indians". We have reserves for native americans. They are probably very similar, both represent how each country screwed over the native peoples. Cheaper gas prices possibly? Not very different.

Why did the native American immigrate to Canada?

im not telling you!

What Native American tribe lives in Northern Canada?

The Inuits

Witch native American tribe lived in Canada?


When hockey stared?

Hockey was started in Canada in native american or "native canadian" times. this sport was invented by "native canadiens."

Canada got its name from the Native American word for ...?

big village

Which native American tribe was forced to relocate to Canada?

The Sioux moved to Canada after the Little Big Horn.

Where did the Native Americans live during The American Reveloution?

They lived on their own land. But after the war and the western expansion, many of them were moved to reserves.

How do you say white in Canadian Native American?

'Canadian Native American' is not an exact language. While the US has languages like Cherokee, Navajo, Lenni Lenape, etc. Canada also has its own languages and tribes.One of the Native American languages in Canada is Cree, and the Cree word for white is 'wâpi'