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West point museum

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Q: Where is the Casualty list Battle of the Little Bighorn?
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Do you know Which battle of the US Civil War was the deadliest?

Look at the casualty figures for each battle. Try Wikipedia's list of Civil War battles.

Who led the Americans at the Battle of the Little Bighorn?

Lieutenant Colonel (Brevet Major General of Volunteers) George Armstrong Custer was the commanding officer of the Custer Battalion of the 7th Cavalry at the time of the Battle of Little Big Horn, and leader of the troops killed there with him on "last Stand Hill".

Were any civilians killed at the battle of Waterloo and if so were they listed on the casualty list?

Yes civilians were killed. I have a feeling neither army could be bothered to identify them.

What battle were the most killed in the US Civil War?

The Battle of Gettysburg had a casualty list of just over 51,000. The sequence of battles in Grant's push toward Richmond in May and June of 1864 totaled out over 61,000.

How many died in the battle of chickamauga?

The casualty list is largely incomplete, especially for the Confederate Army of Tennessee, but the loss in dead is estimated at 2,673 men.The Union had little better documentation of the killed and their figure is, by one estimate 1,656 dead and another counts 2,725.By either count, Chickamauga ranks as the second deadliest battle of the US Civil War in terms of total casualties, killed, wounded, and missing and is eclipsed only by the Battle of Gettysburg.

Did any Morales's fight in the Vietnam War?

Certainly--some died in battle and are listed on the official casualty list.

Who said I've been accused of every death except the casualty list of the world war?

Al Capone

Is there a complete list of servicemen who served at the Battle of Midway?

No such list exists.

Is there a list of Bronze Star recipients from the Battle of the Bulge?

No comprehensive list exists.

Is there a copy of the Battle abbey roll?

The Battle Abbey Roll is the supposed list of commemoratives of William the Concurer from the Battle of Hastings. This list reportedly has been missing since at least the 16th century.

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