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Q: Which of the early Europeans enslaved the Amerindians?
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Why did Amerindians hate Europeans?

because they hated them for everything they did in the past to their country

How was the encounter between Amerindians and Europeans?

The Europeans brought new diseases that killed off about 70% of them. The remaining amount were enslaved to work in the mines. Although there was a good side. The Columbian exchange was an exchange of biological products between the two. One of the major one was the potato which single handedly saved Europe from starvation. The Europeans gave diseases and the Amerindians gave food.

Who enslaved the slaves in 1619?


Who were the first groups of settlers to the Caribbean?

amerindians and europeans

Outline four ways the Europeans dominated the Amerindians?

fk u bitc

Who enslaved African slaves?

Europeans and Americans.

What did Europeans have the enslaved Africans do?

get a girl pregnant

What is the meaning of amerindians?

Amerindians can be defined as any member of the people living in North or South America before the Europeans arrived. In other words it means Native Americans.

Why did Christopher Columbus enslave the amerindians?

christopher Columbus was a Cruel and evil person he enslaved them because he was greedy and arrogant.

What did europeans have enslaved africans do?

For merchants

For what kind of work did europeans use enslaved africans?

Europeans used enslaved Africans primarily for forced labor in industries such as mining, agriculture, and construction. Enslaved Africans were also used as domestic servants and in other forms of manual labor.

Why did the Europeans take enslaved Africans to the Americas?

They were looking for someone to work the land for them.