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It is the Executive Branch that administers the federal bureaucracy. The Executive Branch also executes the laws, and prepares the annual budget.

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Q: Who administers the federal bureaucracy?
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Interest groups the federal bureaucracy and Congress make up the so-called?

Interest groups the federal bureaucracy and Congress form the iron triangle.

What is the name game in the context of the federal bureaucracy?

In federal bureaucracy the name game is the titles given to the many units that make up the executive branch. For example department is reserved for agencies of the Cabinet rank.

Which of these agencies administers federal labor-management relation laws?


How many civilians work for the federal bureaucracy today?

Federal Employment: 2.7 Million Civilians and Holding for the year of 2004, this is the closest I can find.

Who is ultimately in charge of the Bureaucracy?

The President of the United States, along with his Secretaries (the Cabinet), and the heads of independent agencies within the administration of the Federal government. The federal system of government established by the Constitution of the United States allows ordinary citizens many ways to access government. The great increase in federal programs, beginning with the New Deal, called for an increase in the size of the bureaucracy. The bureaucracy is the organization of government administrators created to carry out legislation. It is one of the ways the citizen can access the government. The great majority of bureaucrats who are part of the civil service system are, for all practical purposes, beyond reach by elected officials. Each bureaucrat serves the department in which he/she works and can be fired only if certain steps are taken. So, in effect, the bureaucracy is controlled by the government that created it, and no one person, executive, or elected official.