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Cabinet members, the white house chief of staff, supreme court justices

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They include cabinet secretaries, ambassadors, and many other government officials (numbering in the hundreds).

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Ambassadors, public ministers, Supreme court justices and all officers of the US

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Q: Who are the presidential appointees?
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Who must the senate approve the appointment of?

Presidential appointees

The Senate rarely rejects Presidential Cabinet appointees?


What is replacing old presidential appointees with new friends?

"Spoils System"

What can the house of representatives do that the senate cannot do?

The senate confirms presidential appointees the HOR cannot do this

The Senate must confirm presidential appointees to office This process allows the Senate to?

"check the executive and judicial branches

Who holds confirmation power over president appointees?

The US Senate hold confirmation power over many Presidential appointments.

What vote in the Senate will approve the presidential nominations and appointees?

Confirmation of most presidential appointments requires the approval of more than half of the Senators present (U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 2, Clause 2). Confirmation of a presidential appointment to fill a vacancy in the vice presidency requires the approval of more than half of both Houses of Congress (Amendment XXV, Section 2).

Who is responsible for confirming or rejecting presidential appointees and treaties?

Congress votes on and confirms or denies Presidential nominees and or treaties Congress being the Legislative branch of American Government comprised of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Two unique powers of the senate?

One of the two unique powers of the senate include confirming presidential appointees. The other is the power to impeach a president or federal judge.

Most of the union officers were what kind of appointees?

They were DRAFT appointees

Who were Clinton's political appointees?

There are thousands of appointees in every administration.

What do presidential appointees to the supreme court do?

Presidential appointees to the Supreme Court serve as justices and have the authority to interpret the Constitution and make decisions on important legal issues. They participate in reviewing cases, hearing oral arguments, and writing opinions that shape the direction of the law in the United States. Their role is to uphold the Constitution and ensure the fair and just application of the law.