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Lincoln (President) and Andrew Johnson (Vice-President), running on the National Union ticket defeated George B. McLellin (candidate for President) and George H. Pendleton (Vice-Presidential candidate) who were running on the Democratic Party Ticket.

McLellin was the Commanding General of the United States Army at the outset of the Civil War but was removed from that position by Lincoln following the Battle of Antietam. He was privately dismissive, even derisive, of Lincoln as the commander-in-chief and Lincoln obviously lacked confidence in him, so the election of 1864 was just another example of them clashing (with Lincoln coming out on top again).

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if you mean the election, it was Breckenridge, Douglass, and Bell

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Q: Who did Lincoln defeat in the 1864 election?
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Did Lincoln win election 1864 or Douglas?

Lincoln won the 1864 presidential election.

Who was Lincolns Democratic opponent in the election of 1864?

Lincoln's Democratic opponent in the election of 1864 was General George McClellan.

1864 in presidential election the democrats?

The person who won the 1864 presidential election was Abraham Lincoln.

What was the exact date of the election of 1864?

November 8, 1864 Abraham Lincoln won the election! :)

Who was President Lincoln's running mate in the Presidential election of 1864?

Andrew Johnson was Abraham Lincoln's vice-presidential running mate in the 1864 presidential election. He succeeded Lincoln when Lincoln was assassinated in April of 1865.

Which of the following did NOT contribute Lincoln's re-election in 1864?

Successful voter registration drives of Northern blacks did NOT contribute to Lincoln's re-election in 1864.

Who were the candidates of the election of 1864?

Lincoln vs McClellan

Who did copperheads back in 1864 election?

abraham Lincoln

What had the South hoped for in the election of 1864?

They hoped lincoln would not win re-election in 1864, and they would be able to make peace.

Who was Lincolns running mate in the 1864 election?

Andrew Johnson, who became president upon Lincoln's death , ran with Lincoln in 1864.

What percentage of the popular vote did Abraham Lincoln win during the election of 1864?

55.03% of the nationwide popular vote in the 1864 U.S. Presidential Election was in favor of Abraham Lincoln.

Who did copperheads back in the 1864 election?

abraham lincoln