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Q: Who was the invisible man in the novel The Invisible Man?
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Who wrote invisible man?

Ralph Ellison wrote Invisible Man.

In Ralph ellison's story invisible man Who does the invisible man imitate?

First of all there are two totally different novels with the title Invisible Man. One is a science fiction novel by H.G. Wells, in this one- rather like Jekyll and Hyde the Invisible man lets his new=found powers go to his head- enters into criminal acts and so on. a movie variation - with somewhat different powers =but acquired accidentally when a Bus hits an electrical pole ( hey, it could happen_ a stuntman called Dynamo Dan, the Electrical Man gets powers akin to Lightning Lad in Adventure comics- and again abuses them- in both stories the inventor-Victim"s Dogs remain loyal and constant/ The movie ( about the electically-charged man) was called Man-Made Monster and starred Lionel Atwill in the title role. I have not read the Ellison (Invisible Man) but it is NOT a science -fiction tale at all= but the life of a marginalized ( hence Invisible) man who I believe is a writer- no super powers here. I hope this is of help.

What is the climax of invisible man?

The narrator witnesses Clifton's racially motivated murder at the hands of white police officers; unable to get in touch with the Brotherhood, he organizes Clifton's funeral on his own initiative and rouses the black community's anger against the state of race relations; the Brotherhood rebukes him for his act of independence.

Was James Ray a white man or a black man?


What was an example of what happened under the alien and sedition acts?

Man was arrested for criticizing the government

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Who was the original novel The Invisible Man written by?

The novella named "The Invisible Man" was written by HG Wells and published in 1897.The novel named "Invisible Man" was written by Ralph Ellison (note there is no "The" in the title) and published in 1952.

Super natural element in the invisible man by hg wells?

Supernatural elements in the novel the invisible man by hg wells

What creature is famous for not being seen his name starts with the letter i?

The Invisible Man is a novel by H. G. Wells. The novel's invisible man a scientist who invents a way to change his body and becomes invisible.

Who is the author of novel The Invisible Man?

The novel "The Invisible Man" was written by H.G. Wells, a renowned British author known for his works of science fiction. Published in 1897, the novel tells the story of a scientist who discovers a way to become invisible but struggles with the consequences of his newfound power.

When was Invisible Man created?

Invisible Man was created in 1952.

What effect did the sentenceI am an invisible man have on Ralph Ellison?

The sentence "I am an invisible man" is the opening line of Ralph Ellison's novel "Invisible Man." It symbolizes the protagonist's struggle with identity and societal invisibility as a black man in America. Ellison's exploration of this theme throughout the novel reflects his own experiences and observations of racial discrimination and marginalization.

Who owns the dog in the book The Invisible Man?

In the novel The Invisible Man, the owner of the dog is mentioned in chapter 12 of the book, i cannot provide the answer as i am only here for assistance.

Who is the author of Invisible Man?

H.G. Wells is the author of 'The Invisible Man', which was published in 1897.

Who wrote invisible man?

Ralph Ellison wrote Invisible Man.

When was the invisible man written?

"The Invisible Man" by H.G.Wells was written in 1897.

What creature is famous for not being seen .He's the?

He was the The Invisible Ma, a novel written by H G Wells.

What African American wrote the novel Invisible man?

His name was Ralph Ellison.