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He would have immediately caused poor relations between himself and states that approved slavery, but remained part of the union. States such as Maryland, who were pro-slavery, would have left the union, as well. The Civil War was fought over the expansion of slavery, not the essence of slavery itself.

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Q: Why did Lincoln not abolish slavery the moment he was elected president?
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Who was unhappy that AberahamLincooln was elected president and why?

Mostly people in the South and people who were pro-slavery as Lincoln wished (and did) abolish slavery.

Put the word abolish in a sentence?

Abraham Lincoln abolish slavery and is our 16th president.

Why did the secede after Lincoln was elected president?

because he wanted to abolish slavery and the souths economy depended on slavery for field work while the north had factories to fuel their economy

When Lincoln was elected president in 1860 his view on slavery were already known and included?

When Lincoln was elected president in 1860, his views on slavery were already known and included:

Which US of American president fought to abolish slavery in the 1860's?


What time was Abraham Lincoln elected for president?

slavery was my answer.

What was the direct cause of secession and eventually the civil war?

The election of 1860. Abraham Lincoln was elected president. The south believed that he was going to abolish slavery. The south then began seceding from the union.

What stirred discord between the north and south?

The election of 1860, in which the ardent abolitionist Abraham Lincoln was elected enraged the southern states because they feared that Lincoln would abolish slavery.

What was the southerner's reaction to Lincoln's election?

Since President Lincoln was elected and promised that he would abolish slavery, the South became angry at him. So, the South divided themselves into serperate states by secceding and becoming "slave states."

Why was presidet lincoln so influential?

President Lincoln was so influential because he helped to get the 13th amendment going to abolish slavery.

Why was it difficult to vote for Lincoln in the south?

The South wanted more control of their own states. Lincoln did not support this. Also, the South supported slavery, and Lincoln didn't.

What was Abraham Lincoln's decision about slavery?

He wanted to abolish slavery