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Q: Why were vaudeville and amusement parks popular during this time?
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During the 20's movies retained its origin in?

the world of amusement parks, vaudeville and burlesque

Why are theme parks more popular than amusement parks in today's world?

Because they have like shows and stuff

What amusement parks are in Illinois?

there are 4 amusement parks in Illinois

Does Tokyo have any amusement parks?

Tokyo have many amusement parks.

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Amusement Parks USA was created in 1965.

When was Amusement Parks on Fire created?

Amusement Parks on Fire was created in 2004.

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There are many amusement parks in the Los Angeles area. A few of the more popular ones are Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles Zoo, Pacific Park and Magic Mountain.

What are the different types of amusement parks?

amusement parks include ride parks, aquariaum, nature parks, bird sancturies and many more.

Who is the patron saint or is there one of recreation or amusement parks?

There is no patron saint of amusement parks.

Are there any amusement parks in New York?

yes some part of newyork have amusement parks but the best amusement park in newyork is the yalk.

What famous cartoonist was born on December 5 1901 and popular amusement parks in California and Florida bear his name?

The famous cartoonist who was born on December 5, 1901 was Walt Disney. He founded his famous amusement parks in 1971.

What forms of entertainment were popular in the late 1800s in America?

minstrel shows