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vasco da gama

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Q: An all water route to the indies from western Europe was discovered by?
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An all-water route to the Indies from western Europe was discovered by?

Marco Polo sailed around the tip of Africa in 1487 and found what proved to be the first all-water route to the Indies.Vasco da Gama also found all water route to the indies.

Who was sponsored to find a western route to the east indies?

Christopher Colombus

Who was sponsored to find a western route to east indies?

Christopher Colombus

How was the new world discovered?

The New World was discovered by ships. Traders were looking for an easier route to the east indies.

Why did Ferdinand Magellan make his trip?

He wanted to know the western route to the Indies.

What happened in the process of European countries looking for a sea route to Asia?

Discovered the west indies.

What countries were the legs of the triangle in the triangle trade route?

2 possible answers : Europe to Africa to America OR africa west indies america OR EUROPE TO WEST INDIES TO AMERICA

What did Columbus want to discover?

Columbus wanted to discover a route westward from Europe to China and the Indies.

Why did Columbus think that traveling to the Indies by a western route would be faster?

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What motivated Europeans to explore the US?

Most were searching for a western water route to Asia or what they called the Indies.

How did the west indies get their names?

When Christopher Columbus went on his journey to look for a better route to India, we of course knew by now that he didn't find India but the Carribean. So in honor of that the Carribean became the "western" India, thus short is west indies.

Who discovered the sea route Europe to America?

Vasco da Gama was a Portuguese explorer who discovered the sea route to India from Europe through the Cape of Good Hope.