Animals in Zambia

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Big animals

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Q: Animals in Zambia
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What are some animals in Zambia?

Some animals of Zambia include: cheetahs, wild hogs, impalas, and zebras.

What are some animals of the Bemba tribe in Zambia?

Zambia has a wide variety of wildlife. Some of its most famous animals are lions, rhinos, elephants, hippos, and assorted exotic birds, all of which can be found in the country's many protected game parks.

Is Zambia in Angola?

No Zambia is not in Angola. Zambia is to the East of Angola.

What is the source of River Zambezi?

Mwinilulga in Zambia

Who is Zambia's king?

Zambia has no King.

Is Zambia a city?

No. Zambia is a country.

Is zambia in Congo or is Congo in zambia?

Neither. Zambia is a separate country south of Congo.

In what hemisphere is Zambia in?

Zambia is in the southern and eastern hemispheres.

What the Result for Zambia vs Algeria?

Of curse Zambia is better but Egypt is better then Zambia

Is Zambia in Africa?

yes Zambia is in Africa

Where is the country Zambia?

Zambia is on the African continent !

What is capita of Zambia?

Lusaka is the capital of Zambia