When was Zambia discovered?

Updated: 8/18/2023
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The area known as Zambia was discovered in 1852. The country was created later.

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The area now covered by Zambia was discovered by Dr. David Livingstone around 1855. - It was first called Northern Rhodesia, then given independence in 1964 and re-named Zambia

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Q: When was Zambia discovered?
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Who and at what year discovered Zambia?

Dr. David Livingston was the first white man to discover the area in his expedition of 1852-6.

Is Zambia in Angola?

No Zambia is not in Angola. Zambia is to the East of Angola.

Country beginning with z?

Zambia Zimbabwe

What is the source of River Zambezi?

Mwinilulga in Zambia

Who is Zambia's king?

Zambia has no King.

Is Zambia a city?

No. Zambia is a country.

Emerald mines in Zambia?

Zambia is home to the Kagem emerald mine, one of the world's largest and most productive emerald mines. The mine is located in the Copperbelt region of Zambia and produces high-quality emeralds that are sought after on the global market. It has contributed significantly to Zambia's economy and the country's reputation as a major player in the emerald industry.

Is zambia in Congo or is Congo in zambia?

Neither. Zambia is a separate country south of Congo.

In what hemisphere is Zambia in?

Zambia is in the southern and eastern hemispheres.

What the Result for Zambia vs Algeria?

Of curse Zambia is better but Egypt is better then Zambia

Is Zambia in Africa?

yes Zambia is in Africa

Where is the country Zambia?

Zambia is on the African continent !