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Q: Any explorer would be lost without this important item?
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How do you get the explorer gummi item in mystery dungeon 2?

There aren't explorer gummies.

What item would a narcissist always carry with him or her?

His cellphone ! they would never be without a mirror!!!!!!!!!

What the lugia item in Pokemon explorer of sky?

Its not in the explorers of sky

Why is it important to have and item that can hold pens and pencils?

it is important because u would not have to lose or misplace ur pens or pencils

Why was gold more important than salt in Africa?

It is not more important- both were very valuable.AnswerSalt was more important because it was used for food preservation, and without it, food could not be saved or transported and people would die. Gold, on the other hand, is only useful as a decorative item.

What qualifies a save as a save?

If without the save the item/situation would have been messed up.

Why does the floor need to be hard?

The answer would be to hold the things you put on it without damage to the item or the floor.

Why does floor needs to be hard?

The answer would be to hold the things you put on it without damage to the item or the floor.

How would you make a splash sound effect without electronics?

taking an item out of water might work

Where is the fossil that you find in platinum?

You find them using the explorer kit and go to the underground! When you get them they will be in the item pocket.

Where is the oil pressure sensor on a 1997 ford explorer 5.0 engine?

It is item 24 on the diagram

How do you make vista open the windows explorer in explore mode by default?

"Explore Mode" means that Windows Explorer opens with the Navigation Pane (Folder Tree) visible on the left side of the window. When you right click an item, on the context menu, you should see 2 items for opening Windows Explorer "Explore" and "Open". If you click "Open" Windows Explorer opens without the Navigation Pane showing. If the Explore item does not open Windows Explorer with the Navigation Pane showing, in Vista, you can open Windows Explorer and select Organize/Layout and click the "Navigation Pane" item in the menu. This setting should stick the next time you open a menu and click the Explore item. If this doesn't stick, you can check the registry setting at the following location: [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shell] Right click the (Default) value in the right side pane and select Modify. In the Value Data box, make sure that it shows "explore" there. (Without the quotes) i know this has nothing to do with this question but i know how to download internet explorere.10 no pay but you gatta have windows vist just click start then the button that says yuy and it automaticly downloads