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it is the bread.

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I think the answer is salt

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Q: What is a common day item taxed by the French government?
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Why did convicts have arrows on their clothing?

The Broad Arrow was a symbol used in the Australian Government that indicated the item was the property of the Government. The clothes the convicts wore were issued and owned by the state hence they bore the mark of the Broad Arrow.

What was an important trade item from China to Europe?


The item made by a journeyman as the final step to being accepted to a guild?

That would be a MASTERPIECE - a piece of work to prove you are now a master of your craft.

Why was the French Revolution important to world history?

Three reasons: 1. Louis XVI, the French monarch bankrupted the french treasury by engaging in American War of Independence. He then levied high taxes on the general public to cover the war cost. This was classic failure of public relations on the part of the monarch, where the common people believed that the king levied exorbitant taxes to fund his own and queens out of the bound lavish lifestyle at the expense of the citizens. This is the most common example cited in modern times showing that improving public relation is so much important for politicians. 2. French revolution was the first incident in Europe where a reigning monarch was forced out of the throne by common public and executed for treason against the country. This was historic because at that time monarch and the country were synonymous and treason was basically defined as betraying the monarch. The other monarchy of the Europe were completely shocked by the event and fearing similar revolution in their countries they granted more power to the people's democracy. Thus, french revolution was the catalyst towards democratic reform in other European countries, and the other parts of the world especially, South America, people rose against their European monarchs and gained independence. 3. Again, when Napoleon took over France few years later and proclaimed himself the Emperor, that was the first modern instance of fragile democracy being overtaken by a dictator. This sets an example on how a democracy can be hijacked by a dictator.

Any explorer would be lost without this important item?


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What is the Common day Item taxed by the French government?

I think the answer is salt

What did James Polk lower tariff on?

He changed the way you were taxed for shipping items. Instead of being taxed for the quantity of the item, you were taxed for the quality if the item.

What did James K. Polk lower tariffs on?

He changed the way you were taxed for shipping items. Instead of being taxed for the quantity of the item, you were taxed for the quality if the item.

What is taxed by sales tax?

the customer of the purchased item is taxed by sales tax.

What was the first item to be taxed?


Is popcorn a taxed item?

That can vary by location.

Why does an item which has already been subjected to a sales tax get re-taxed when it is resold ex. used car sales by private individuals?

because sheeple will comply with whatever the government says

What is the second most common item ordered at Mcdonalds?

For Breakfasts - Hash Browns For Meals - French Fries

What was the purpous of the stamp act?

In 1765, the British Parliament passed a law stating all legal documents, newspapers, contracts and even playing cards were to be taxed. Once the taxed was paid by the colonies, each item would receive an official government stamp, or a seal, proving the payment was received.

Except for one item's all the taxes placed by the Township Acts were repealed in 1770 Which item remained taxed after the Acts were repealed?


Why are some items taxed and others not?

The reason why some items are taxed because they have been processed.For example the reason why the cooked chicken is taxed because it has been cooked and seasoned making it much more expensive.If you want to find out the GST of an item you have to:the cost of the taxed item x 1/11 (one eleventh) = This will give you the final cost without the tax included.I hope this helps you out : ) Good Luck on you assignment or exam.

Disadvantage of free trade and explain?

if you trade for free. you will be taxed every year on the said itemized item.