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The Broad Arrow was a symbol used in the Australian Government that indicated the item was the property of the Government. The clothes the convicts wore were issued and owned by the state hence they bore the mark of the Broad Arrow.

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Q: Why did convicts have arrows on their clothing?
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What name did convicts give to new set of clothing given to them by their employer?

Convicts called their new clothing "slops".

What did convicts in wear?

Contrary to common belief, convicts did not have "uniforms". They wore just the clothes they were wearing at the time of their sentencing. Some convicts had a second set of clothes, but these were invariably stolen enroute to Australia.

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What did convicts wear in the 18th century?

Convicts in the 18th century typically wore clothing made of coarse, durable materials such as wool or canvas. They were often dressed in uniforms that distinguished them from the general population, such as grey or striped jackets and trousers. Additionally, a broad arrow symbol, also known as the "convict arrow," was usually stamped on their clothing to denote their criminal status.

What types of convicts are there?

There are many types of convicts but the main ones are government service convicts, assigned convicts, expirees, emancipists and ticket of leave convicts.

Which of these statements is trueOne of the convicts was shot.The escaped convicts were captured.Both of the convicts escaped from the sergeant and his soldiers.Only one of the convicts was captured?

The escaped convicts were captured.

What clothing did they have on the First Fleet?

The convicts on the First Fleet had nothing more than the clothes they wore when they were convicted. The officers wore their uniforms of the British Marines.

What did the convict wear?

Australian convicts in the First Fleet wore just the clothing in which they were convicted. They were not allocated any clothes or uniform.Once they arrived in New South Wales, material was allocated for clothing.Convicts arriving on subsequent fleets were issued with a set of clothing once they arrived in New South Wales.Male convicts were issued with:2 jackets1 waistcoat1 pair breeches2 shirts1 hat1 woollen cap2 pairs shoes and stockingsFemale convicts were issued with:1 jacket2 petticoats2 shifts (plain dresses)2 pairs shoes and stockings2 caps1 handkerchief1 hat

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Did the convicts shower?

No convicts didn't have showers!