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They were simply called "convicts".

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Q: What were the convicts collectively called that were sent to Australia?
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How many fleets were sent to Australia?

53 fleets were sent from Britain to Australia. these fleets transported a figure of around 162, 000 women and men convicts.

When did convicts stop coming to Australia?

The last transport to bring convicts to Australia landed at Fremantle on the 10th of January, 1868. Pressure from the eastern colonies, together with the rising costs of keeping the system going, prompted the British government to announce in 1865 that after three years, no more convicts would be sent to Australia. The approximate number of convicts sent to the Australian colonies during the period of transportation has been 160,500, of whom 24,700 were women.

How many convicts were transported to Western Australia?

For the first fifteen years of the colony of Swan River, Western Australia, the people were all free settlers, and did not want to accept convicts. The idea was raised occasionally, mainly by people who wanted convict labour for building projects. The argument for convicts in Western Australia gained impetus in 1845 when the York Agricultural Society petitioned the Legislative Council to bring convicts out from England. Their reasons were that Western Australia's economy was at great risk due to an extreme shortage of labour. Whilst later examination of the circumstances proves that there was no such shortage of labour in the colony, the petition found its way to the British Colonial Office, which in turn agreed to send out a small number of convicts to Swan River. Following the transportation of the first convicts to WA, between 1850 and 1868, 9721 convicts were transported to Western Australia.

Australia was founded as a British colony for?

Australia, or New South Wales as the eastern coast was then known, was originally a penal colony, meaning it was a colony for convicts from Great Britain. Australia was first colonised by the British in order to relieve the overly full British prisons. However, only relatively small parts of Australia were used as penal settlements. Indigenous Australians inhabited the rest of the continent as well. As well as Sydney (the first settlement in New South Wakes), convict colonies were begun in Victoria, Moreton Bay (Queensland), Hobart and Newcastle. The colony of South Australia was never a penal settlement. Swan River (Perth) began as a free settlement, but convicts were sent there later as free labour.

Who were the first white people to arrive in Australia?

The indigenous people of Australia, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, were the first to inhabit Australia. Whilst it is unknown when they first arrived, estimates vary between 6,000 and 40,000 years.

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What was it called when convicts were sent to Australia?


Who was sent to Australia by this Europe country?

Convicts were sent to Australia by England.

Were convicts sent to Darwin?

There were no convicts sent to Darwin. Darwin was only established some time after transportation of convicts to Australia ceased.

How were convicts sent to Australia?

The first convicts were sent to Australia on the First Fleet, which consisted of eleven ships. Subsequent convicts were also sent on ships, as that was the only method for transporting any cargo overseas. There were no aeroplanes.

Was Australia the only country convicts were sent to?

No. The English also sent convicts to Australia, but they stopped doing that and started sending them to Australia because America became an independent nation.

Why were criminals sent to Australia in the 1900?

Criminals were not sent to Australia in 1900. Transportation of convicts was abolished in Australia in the 1848.

How did convicts return to England?

why didnt many convicts return to England

What was the first ship that sent convicts to Australia called?

It was not a single ship, but a fleet consisting of eleven ships. It was called the First Fleet.

How many convicts were sent from England?

Prior to the revolutionary war which formed the USA, another 60,000 convicts were sent to North America (some sources say 50,000). About 165,000 British convicts were transported to Australia between 1788 and 1868. British convicts were also sent to Canada, as well as to its outposts in India, the Cape of Good Hope, Bermuda and Mauritius. Figures for these convicts are unknown, particularly as some of them were then sent on to Australia.

When Great Britain colonized Australia who were the first people sent?

The first people sent to colonise Australia were convicts and the officers and marines sent to supervise them.

What was the Castle Hill 1804 rebellion?

It was a rebellion of convicts sent to Australia

What was the Castle Hill of 1804 rebellion?

It was a rebellion of convicts sent to Australia