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At the turn of the 20th century the term jazz had two spellings. The musical term Jazz was interchangeably used with jaz.

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Q: At the turn of the 20th century the term jazz was interchangeably with?
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What is meant by the term triple entente?

The triple entente is a 20th century agreement between the countries of Great Britain, France, and Russia. In this agreement, the three countries agreed not to attack each other during WW1.

What are facts about the 20th century?

Well, the term "largest" is awfully subjective, as is the term "event". I mean, on that scale, would you describe World War II or the Cold War as being a single "event"? Furthermore, the 20th century was perhaps the most diverse, eventful century in all of history. At the start of the 20th century, airplanes were a dream and by the end of it the Internet had become commonplace. Choosing a single "largest" event in all that time could only be a matter of opinion.

What did the chartists achieve?

I suppose it depends on what period you are looking at. In the short term, the answer is "not very". However, of their six demands, five were implemented by the early 20th century and remain so to this day. The exception is, of course, annual general elections, which is unworkable in reality.

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Where was the jazz music started?

Jazz as a musical art form originated at the beginning of the 20th century in African American communities in the Southern United States , merging African and European musical traditions. The word jazz began as a West Coast slang term of uncertain derivation around 1912, the meaning of which varied but which did not refer to music or sex. It was first used to refer to music in Chicago in about 1915. Jazz was played in New Orleans prior to that time but was not called jazz.

Which term best describes the political system in Russia before 20th century?

absolute monarchy

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It is a slang shortening of the word 'dividend' or 'divide'. Recorded in the early 20th Century

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The term Money Illusion was coined by John Maynard Keynes sometime inthe early 20th century.

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19th-early 20th century term. bill logger: one who tracks bills for a business. ,

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"Marionettes" is the term given to puppets which are controlled by wires or strings. It is believed that they were used in the 20th century BC, and underwent a resurgence in the 1500s.

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Classical realism is a combination of the 19th century's neoclassicism and realism, which was an artistic movement in the late 20th century focusing on skill and beauty.

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Pablo Picasso, with his friend Georges Braque began working with collage at the same time and coined the term in the beginning of the 20th century.

What does the term Verismo mean?

Verismo (with the meaning reality) was a form of opera that reached its peak influence around the beginning of the 20th century.